4.6 Octave Concert Marimba


For sale in Adelaide right now is this 4.6 octave (Low E) Concert Marimba at an absolute Bargain Price!

Call Kevin on 0414 683134 to make an appointment as soon as possible if you want to see it.. as this will sell fast!

18th October, 2015

Kevin Tuck, percussionist.
Marion, SA
Dear Marimba enthusiast,

You might have seen my advertisement a couple of weeks ago for a five octave Marimba made by my good friend Jim McCarthy.

Sorry to let you know that the five octave has I suspected the first person to see it purchased it right away. You can still see its pictures here until I take this page down very soon.

However, I do have a second instrument available, and its avaialble at a much cheaper price than the five octave.

This was Jim McCarthy’s personal performance marimba, which was made by his teacher Jim Bailey. Most percussionists are aware of Jim Bailey’s marimbas - there are a lot of them around the place, and they are generally pretty good instruments. This one is one of his better ones from the latter stages of his instrument building. It has a solid oak frame, lightweight PVC resonators and Padouk bars.

This Marimba did a lot of work over a number of years. Its frame is strong, easy to pull apart and move, and its resonators sound really nice.

Being Jim McCarthy’s instrument, he was able to recondition it and make replacement bars for many of the bars in the lower octave which sustained cracks over the years. Therefore, it is sounding exactly like new!

As I wrote in my first letter about the five Octave, Jim is now a resident in Canada, so has left these two instruments with me to sell as soon as possible. This is IT... there are no more!

Jim’s asking price for this one is just $5000, which is incredibly cheap for a concert instrument which goes down to low E. I can even twist Jim’s arm a bit to negotiate a little on that, so come and see it and make an offer!

A quick search on the internet will reveal that any commercial instrument that has this sort of range will set you back a lot more than $5000 - so make sure you grab this opportunity to come and have a look if you are in the market for a marimba at the moment.

Talk soon,




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