Five Octave Marimba


For sale in Adelaide right now is this unique five octave custom built marimba in brand new condition.

Update: 18th October
Sorry, this Marimba bas SOLD.

However, another older, cheaper 4.6 Octave Marimba is still available. Click here for details.



27th September, 2015

Kevin Tuck, percussionist.
Marion, SA


Dear Marimba enthusiast,

Thanks for taking the time to review this letter. If you're reading this, most likely you know what a five octave concert marimba is, and how expensive they are to buy, particularly in Australia at the moment with the Australian dollar very low.

Thats why I urge you to read this letter in full, and if the marimba is of interest to you, please do give me a call right away on 0414 683134 and set up a time to come and inspect it for yourself.

Firstly, let me tell you a little background about this instrument.

This marimba was made by my good friend, Jim McCarthy. To say that I know Jim well would be an understatement. Jim and I studied together at Adelaide University, we’ve played together in percussion groups for many years, and I was even the best man at his wedding!

Jim is a very dedicated musician, and in recent years.... an instrument builder!

Jim owns and runs the website - and hundreds of people across the world have made instruments to Jim’s designs.

Jim now resides in Canada, and is still actively making instruments for clients across the world, with his business called Custom Marimbas Canada.

Since moving to Canada a couple of years ago his instruments in Australia have been in storage. This is an instrument which he built as his personal performance marimba just a few years ago, just prior to his leaving Australia.

Since he lives in Canada now, Jim has asked me to sell this marimba for him, and if I had the space for it, frankly I would buy it myself - as it really is a beautiful instrument.

This instrument hardly been used! It has Padouk bars, with a beautiful natural finish. Its bars are wide in the lower end for a full volume.

The resonators are PVC, which have their advantages in terms of weight and durability. They disassemble into three pieces for ease of transport. The resonators even have height adjustment for the lower bars to provide fine resonance tuning.

Jim’s frame designs are also very sturdy and practical - The frame on this instrument is as strong and sturdy as any I have used.

If you want a five octave marimba in Australia, then a quick google search will reveal that you’ll be paying in the region of $20,000 for any commercial instrument.

Yes, the commercial equivalents usually have rosewood bars and metal resonators, but you need to come and hear this instrument and decide for yourself whether those things are worth the premium you will pay for them.

For more info on this instrument and the way it is built, you can simply visit Jim’s website - and you can read all about this instrument and the way it is built.

Of course, if you want to build it yourself.. then you can go right ahead and buy Jim’s plans. Or… simply buy this one, made by the designer of those plans himself!

Jim’s asking price for this instrument is just $8,000 - and as it is currently taking up space in my lounge room it needs to go now!

If you want to make an appointment to see this instrument, call me on 0414 683134. I’m almost certain that the first person to view this instrument will buy it.

Talk soon,



P.S. You must personally visit to buy this instrument, and collect it yourself.

Please don’t buy it on seeing these photos and ask me to ship the instrument interstate. Even if I could find enough packing materials and a courier who was willing to do it, its not a wise thing to do. Jim has left me with detailed instructions on pulling it apart and assembling it, and I really need to show you in person how to do that.

My mobile number is 0414 683134 - and I live in Marion, in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. If you’re in the market for a Marimba, even if you live interstate its worth your effort to come to Adelaide to see this beautiful beast!


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Phone or text Kevin: 0414 683134

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